Our Analysis

The facts

Company managers, you are overwhelmed by your daily life, you can hardly free up time to work with your teams and coordinate their actions on a new project.
You are looking for advice, information, testimonials of experience, skills, funding, to develop your activities more serenely.

A spirit

Aware of this problem, because we have met it too, we propose to take actions with you, to help you to : pass a milestone, better structure, and launch a new project, without further ado on a defined, or time-shared mission.

Our Support

An approach

We are listening to you.
We get to know each other. You explain us your projects and we analyse how we can help you by setting out an action plan together.

A supporting help

We help you to build your project, by sharing with you our observations, our recommendations. We put our energy to find and implement, with you and your team, concrete solutions corresponding to your objectives.

An appropriate service offer

We meet your needs.
Recruiting a full-time manager is not an option, but benefiting from his expertise is essential for you.
We propose you a specific formula : for example 1 to 2 days a week, to ensure the smooth running of the mission in a budget under control.

Our Skills

General Management – Dévelopment

  • Strategic thinking: Analysis and advice on internal or external growth projects
  • Restructuring the company: setting up processes with an adapted human and technical organisation
  • Crisis management : Risks and weaknesses audit – saving measures
  • Incentive Policy : Profit-sharing Agreement – “PEE” – “PER” Company


  • Budget and financial management assistance: Budgeting, dashboards, cash flow forecasts and follow-ups
  • KPI Analysis – Business Plan
  • Financing research and negotiations: Banks, Investment Funds, Crowdfunding Companies,..
  • Financial Investments (short and long terms)

Operational management

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM, Direct Marketing, Billing)
  • Partnership – Supplier Portfolio Management – Purchases rationalisation
  • Help in: the selection and deployment of IT and digital solutions, e-commerce and web tools, the project coordination, and acceptance



Stéphane Périère
Founding CEO


France & International

A career path focused on the realization of major projects and the implementation of adapted organizations for their success in the following:

Lifestyle, Decoration, Design, Fashion & Retail,
Media Shows, Events, B2B Services, Digital, Real Estate

quote Being graduated ESCE (Business International School ), I joined the CCIP ( Paris Chamber of Commerce) subsidiary in charge of building and operating the new Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Park (VIPARIS).

Then I joined the Blenheim Group, Europe’s leading group of trade shows and specialist press, at the time of its formation to take in charge the financial and organizational aspects in full external growth.

Just after this experience I participated, in start-up mode, to the Maison-Objet show launch and to its international development through the creation of other shows and events in France and abroad, such as: Now! Design à Vivre, the Paris Design Week, the Paris Festival of Chefs, Art de vivre à la française in Moscow, M&O Singapore, M&O Miami. I participated to develop digital tools created to facilitate the business between the different players in the decoration markets.

This career path has allowed me to meet many business leaders with demanding managerial concerns, slowing down developments or new projects launches . This analysis has led me since 2015 to bring them concrete solutions.


To carry out these missions Arpeia relies on partners working in complementary fields and networks of experienced consultants with whom best practices are shared.


Partenaire ARPEIA

PortraitData Solutions
Save time and gain readability with appropriate processing
Contact : Stéphane Jourdain

Partenaire ARPEIA

E-Commerce website design
PrestaShop Expert
SEO Consultant

Partenaire ARPEIA

Consulting in digital marketing, CRM and customer experience
Contact : Frédérique Paumier-Moch

Consultant Networks


Rebondir tout de suite en pleine crise !!!

Malgré : la Crise du COVID 19, qui altère nos visions entrepreneuriales, nous avons, en France, les moyens de Rebondir

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quote Because it is essential to move forward, and to work within the framework of strong human relationships, let’s get to know each other in order to better understand your needs and goals.


Stephane Périère

  • On demand your Deputy for a project, a mission or timeshare
  • Strategy and organization advice
  • Project management
  • Your optimized CFO
  • On demand your Deputy for a project , a mission or timeshare
  • Strategy and organization advice
  • Project management
  • your optimized CFO